emptying sink when under sail, new counter

Some Cal40’s have tried to move the sink closer to centerline in order to make it drain when under sail.  We instead stole an idea from kids who race Sabot’s, Toro’s, and Opti’s.  We put a small guzzler diaphragm pump under the sink, and made it operable by pulling on a line, with a shock-cord return, just like on dinghies.  It works great.  In a few pumps you can empty the sink even when rail down on starboard tack.  That is one of our best upgrades.  The black ball coming out of the area below the sink is the line that actuates the pump and empties the sink

An additional benefit is that the diaphragm pump naturally has two integrated check valves, so if you forget to close the thru hull when beating on starboard, the sink doesn’t fill.

We found an outfit that makes custom SS sinks and counters for restaurants and fishing boats, and had them make a custom sink with built in drainboard and fiddles for Illusion.  It allows Stan to spash water around with abandon when washing dishes and it all finds its way down the drain.



DSC_1658 DSC_1659 DSC_1660